In The Press: Suzanne Anker in Today’s Zaman

April 13, 2011

Artist, theoretician and BFA Fine Arts Department Chair Suzanne Anker curated a group exhibition at the Pera Museum in Istanbul, Turkey, titled “Fundamentally Human: Contemporary Art and Neuroscience.” The exhibition, which brings together seven artists who attempt to understand what makes one fundamentally human, has been reviewed in Today’s Zaman.

Using various technologies, each artwork addresses various aspects of neurological sciences, and, as Anker is quoted as saying, “the exhibition is pretty optimistic in the sense that there is research and intelligence and hope that is generated by these technological forms and that artists make us aware of how we can extend ourselves by using technology as a sixth sense.” The seven artists included in the exhibition are: Suzanne Anker, Andrew Carnie, Frank Gillette, Michael Joaquin Grey, Leonel Moura, Rona Pondick and Michael Rees.

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