In The Press: Kevin O’Callaghan Interviewed On NY1

April 5, 2011

After bidding on and winning 32 decommissioned pews from a renovated church in Newark, NJ, 3D Design Chair Kevin O’Callaghan asked his undergraduate students to respond to the question, “What do you worship?” by using the pews as the basis of their artwork. NY1 picked up on the story after the works were exhibited at the Art Directors Club and conducted an on-air interview with O’Callaghan about the project. (Watch the interview here.)

With only three weeks to construct the artworks, the students managed to create pieces inspired by the Mario Bros., a water fountain, a movie theater three-seater, a bank ATM, a kitchenette, Hershey’s chocolate bars, Mexico’s Day of the Dead and a computer terminal, among several other projects resulting from the assignment.

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