Honor Roll: SVA at the ANDY Awards

April 22, 2011

Each year the International ANDY Awards celebrates emerging and established talent in advertising at a spring gala in New York City, and this year seven students and recent graduates of the BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department received top honors in the student category. Alumnus Michael Oh’s (BFA 2010 Advertising) Skinning Stickers for the World Wildlife Foundation earned a Gold ANDY, and the team of current students Nikolai Shorr, Bona Jeong, Ethan Chung Woo Lee, Gue Rim Lee, Raul Cosculluela and alumnus HyoJoo Kim (BFA 2010 Advertising) won a Silver ANDY for Paint by Numbers, which turns MINI Coopers into large-scale street art thanks to custom paint job.

The projects were completed for SVA’s Unconventional Advertising class, and instructor Frank Anselmo was on hand to cheer the winners at the awards show. “I’m seeing lots of digital work by both students and professionals where technology overcompensates for the lack of a strong idea,” Anselmo says. “Both the WWF and MINI ideas are built on strong concepts rather than relying on technology, which makes them timeless.” Click here to view.

The International ANDY Awards were established in 1964 by The Advertising Club of New York to honor creativity in advertising worldwide, recognize the contributions of individuals and companies, and encourage excellence in the industry.

Image: Gue Rim Lee, Bona Jeong, Nikolai Shorr, Ethan Chung Woo Lee, Michael Oh and Frank Anselmo at the ANDY Awards Show, New York City.

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