SVA Alumni at Armory Arts Week

March 9, 2011

New York City was showing the first signs of spring last week with the arrival of Armory Arts Week, and SVA alumni were much in evidence at participating art fairs. At the “bracing” Armory Show, as The New York TimesRoberta Smith enthused about this year’s event, Steven Bindernagel (MFA 2006 Fine Arts) had recent work at CRG Gallery’s booth; Katherine Bernhardt (MFA 2000 Fine Arts) was featured in a colorful, Moroccan-themed installation at CANADA; and Lane Twitchell (MFA 1995 Illustration as Visual Essay), who has been working in glass, showed at Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art.

Downtown at PULSE there was a palpable sense of history, as in Dinh Q. Le‘s (MFA 1999 Photography and Related Media) military-themed C-print at Shoshana Wayne Gallery; and Joe Fig‘s (BFA 1991 Fine Arts; MFA 2002 Fine Arts) painting The Hanging of Room M at Cristin Tierney, which revisits the landmark exhibitions of 19th-century France. At Scope, Like the Spice Gallery curated a selection of figurative works that included painting by Jenny Morgan (MFA 2008 Fine Arts), Reuben Negron (MFA 2004 Illustration as Visual Essay) and Jason Bard Yarmosky (BFA 2010 Illustration), who’s been turning heads with portraits of his grandparents in bunny rabbit and cowboy costumes.

There was more portraiture to be found at VOLTA NY, an invitational show of solo artists’ projects in Midtown, where Lyons Wier Gallery showed works in oil and spray paint by Tim Okamura (MFA 1993 Illustration as Visual Essay).  Also at VOLTA, Y Gallery presented an installation of sculptures and drawings by Ryan Brown (BFA 2006 Fine Arts), and  Shiri Mordechay (MFA 2007 Fine Arts) collaborated with David Tully on a site-specific installation inspired by the artists’ African, Irish and Israeli roots.

Images: (top) New works by Steven  Bindernagel on view at The Armory Show, courtesy CRG Gallery, New York; (bottom) PULSE art fair, photo by Michael Grant.

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