Katrin Eismann On the Air at WNYC

March 21, 2011

MPS Digital Photography Department Chair Katrin Eismann visited WNYC radio’s Leonard Lopate Show on Friday, March 18, for a segment called Please Explain: Digital Photography. Eismann and New York Times technology columnist David Pogue talked with host Leonard Lopate about the history of digital photography, how it works and the differences between the various digital cameras on the market.

Eismann discussed early military and commercial uses of digital cameras, how electronic photo files can be manipulated on a computer and what digital enhancement means for the assumed veracity of photographic images. “Photography is like being a cook: you choose the right tool for your project,” she said, describing how consumers should go about choosing what kind of digital camera to buy. Eismann also took on-air questions from listeners, ranging from professional photographers to curious hobbyists. Listen to the segment here, and visit our Facebook gallery of digital photos that Eismann took while at WNYC.

Images: Photos by David Pogue.

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