In The Press: Steven Heller in BNET

March 1, 2011

MFA Design Department Co-chair Steven Heller is also the author of books on the history of fascist symbolism: The Swastika, a Symbol Beyond Redemption? (Allworth Press, 2008) and Iron Fists: Branding the 20th Century Totalitarian State (Phaidon Press, 2011). In a recent interview in BNET, Heller explains that he discovered the German Nazi Party’s branding and design handbook at an antiquarian book fair. Heller says, “The handbook sets out what amount to graphic standards, a graphic sampler, typographically, symbolically and even in terms of clothes and fashion that comprised the Nazi experience.”

Also, a posting by Heller in imprint reveals further parts of his print collection, in this instance items designed or art directed by Heller himself. Seven images show the covers of magazines that he was involved in creating in his teens and twenties and has now donated to the Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives.

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