In The Press: Brian Palmer in Newsday

March 7, 2011

Former CNN photojournalist Brian Palmer‘s (MFA 1990 Photography and Related Media) solo photography exhibition at Adelphi University’s Harley Student Center Gallery has been covered in an article appearing on

According to the article, visitors to the exhibition will, “catch glimpses of battlefield realities—U.S. Marines huddled in a shelter to avoid a lethal rain of mortar shells; medics urgently trying to save the life of a bleeding Iraqi policeman whose bomb-severed hand lies on a cloth beside his body; Iraqi children peering from behind barbed wire.” Palmer brings back images from his time embedded with a Marine unit in Iraq, during which he witnessed several shootings and survived a mortar attack.

Image: Brian Palmer, Youth worker in Jurf as Sakr, 2004. Courtesy of the artist.

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