SVA Curates on Kickstarter

February 18, 2011

The popular fundraising site Kickstarter has invited SVA to be one of its pilot colleges for a new program of curated pages. Through this initiative, current students, faculty and staff at the College are invited to submit projects for funding, and those selected by Jeff Kirsch, systems administrator for the MFA Interaction Design Department, will appear on SVA’s page,

Kirsch has already sent out a call to the SVA community, saying, “Projects can be big or small, serious or whimsical, traditional or avant-garde, and come from the worlds of music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative fields.” Some of the first curated projects by students are now appearing on the page, including Dawn Schwartz, a student in the MFA Social Documentary Film Department who has raised more than half the funds needed for her film, Strings: A Yo-Yo Documentary; and Erin Moore from the MFA Interaction Design Department, who has begun bringing in donations for her, “design mission to the Karakorum mountains of Pakistan where she will be collaborating with local communities to generate new ideas and learn from different perspectives.”

While the Kickstarter platform is open to the general public, this new curated page allows the College to give an extra spotlight to innovative projects being created by its current students, faculty and staff members.

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