In The Press: Return of the Lost Sock

February 28, 2011

The Return of the Lost Sock is the brainchild of MFA Design Department students Camille McMorrow and Bruno Zalum, who created the story of a sock-addicted washing machine and its quest for recovery. The project was part of a classroom assignment by faculty member Stefan Sagmeister, who asked, “Can design touch the hearts of strangers?”

The resulting project is a single sock packaged with a detailed story, along with an apology and a suggestion of 11 things to do with one sock. The sock inside the package is from “Gene, the laundromat washing machine,” trying to reimburse laundromat patrons for all the socks it has stolen over the years (and as a way to get people involved in the design). The project has been picked up by numerous blogs and other online venues including BehanceDesign Hey, EtreFast CompanyHooliganosLovely Package, QuipsologiesTrendHunter and Ynput. The Behance page notes, “Gene the Washing Machine then hit the streets of NYC’s East Village, visiting laundromats and righting wrongs with his design treats. People laughed, their hearts were warmed, and Gene was redeemed.”

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