In The Press: Lynda Benglis in The New York Times

February 16, 2011

Following the opening of her four-decade retrospective at the New Museum, Lynda Benglis (BFA Fine Arts Department faculty member) is now featured in Hilarie Sheets’ recent profile in The New York Times. Describing Benglis’ career, Sheets writes, “With bravado and humor she has carried her ideas to logical extremes, in a way that’s been hugely influential to a younger generation interested in everything from performance to process-oriented art.”

Tracing her path from the early years, when she first moved to New York City from Los Angeles via New Orleans, Benglis describes the focus on Minimalism at the time as, “so closed and systematic that it had nothing to do with art, really.” Sheets describes the alternative route that Benglis chose while adopting the same materials as other Minimalists, writing, “Through the decades…Ms. Benglis continued to bring a visceral quality to her experimentations.”

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