Learning to Create iPhone Apps

January 18, 2011

As the Apple iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices continue to dominate technology news, the Division of Continuing Education is rolling out a new spring 2011 course, Introduction to Creating Applications for the iPhone and iPad. The class runs on Saturdays, January 29 – April 23, and is taught by interactive developer and designer Andrew Garrahan, who recently spoke to the Briefs about the new course:

What will students be learning in the iPhone/iPad course?

I’m  going to teach the basics of building apps that can be sold in Apple’s App Store for the iPhone and iPad. It’s a lot like Flash: there’s a specific  environment where you do your coding and your design. We’ll talk about Apple and how they have the app store set up. Students can test on the computer without having an iPhone, but if they have an iPhone or iPad, they can test it directly on the device and show it to friends. It’ll be a lot of basic concepts: animation, using photos, building simple games. The course is designed for students who have no programming experience. Programming can be frustrating for artists, but I’m going to try to keep it fun and simple.

What made you develop the class?
There’s a real market demand for these apps. People are definitely fascinated by building something for the iPhone and mobile devices. And if you’re studying Flash already, learning how to program for the iPhone will complement your Flash skills.

What are the benefits of learning to build apps?
You get to learn a fun Flash skill and you’ll be able to sell apps in the app store. Professionally, iPhone developers are in demand in New York City, so it’s a skill that’s very useful—clients are interested in people who can make apps. The iPhone and iPad also have a lot of potential going forward, so learning this now will come in handy in the next several years on these or other mobile platforms.

Image: Photo by Andrew Garrahan.

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