In The Press: Mary Heilmann in art&education

January 28, 2011

A recent article in art&education features an extended profile on BFA and MFA Fine Arts Department faculty member Mary Heilmann. In it, writer Chet Domitz compares two recent articles on Heilmann—one in Art in America, the other in Artforumwith the former focusing on her career in California, the latter in New York.

Domitz’s aim is to “link the joy of Heilmann’s work to her status as an artist from California who lives on the East Coast…[as well as] explain how Heilmann redefines painting as performance.” He writes, “In Heilmann’s work, the sensualness of the horizon manifests formally and through music and repetition. Formally, it registers in the jubilant use of color, drawing-stick swaths of paint, amorphous forms, et cetera, everything that caused Wagner and Plagens to wax poetic or swoon.”

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