In The Press: Asya Geisberg in Newsweek

January 26, 2011

In a recent article on new galleries opening in New York City despite ongoing economic challenges, Newsweek writer Sameer Reddy describes a “surge of new energy” in Chelsea due to active gallerists like Asya Geisberg (MFA 1999 Fine Arts), who opened a new art space in 2010.

In an interview with the Briefs last September, Geisberg explains that the artists she is interested in are, “all young but experienced…[and] share an approach that incorporates a conceptual attitude toward visual pleasure and experimentation.” And as Reddy notes in Newsweek, this approach is proving to favor many female artists, which although not an overt mission of Geisberg’s, she says, “I’m very happy that by definition there are more women artists out there that people can see and buy.”

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