One MPS Fashion Photo Faculty Member and 14 Actors

December 15, 2010

Showcased both on the cover of the December 12, 2010, issue of The New York Times Magazine and in a multi-page series within the magazine are works by photographer and MPS Fashion Photography Department faculty member Solve Sundsbo. The 24-page feature for The Hollywood Issue, “Fourteen Actors Acting,” includes a roster of actors who defined cinema this year, such as  Javier BardemJames Franco, Natalie Portman and Tilda Swinton, all depicted in the moment of enacting a classic screen type. (The online version of the article includes videos with several of the actors in motion.)

As film critic A.O. Scott describes in the introduction, the actors are “striking some of the classic attitudes of cinema, turning their bodies and faces into instruments of pure, deep and enigmatic emotion.” And all of this is captured in stark black and white by Sundsbo, who both directed and photographed the entire shoot.

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