In The Press: Project: Interaction in the Daily News

December 15, 2010

After completing Project: Interaction (a 10-week after-school program that teaches New York City high schoolers to use design to change their communities) last week, co-founders and MFA Interaction Design Department students Carmen Dukes and Katie Koch were profiled by the Daily News for their accomplishments.

The article explains that, “Interactive design covers everything from websites to movie theatres and checking accounts…and the duo tried to reflect that in the course,” going on to quote the students describing the program: “Our classes cross dimensions,” [Koch] said. “There is a bit of psychology. We covered business strategy, as in how a business decides what to build. We covered proto-typing, how someone gets an idea and develops it to see if it works or not.” In addition to covering Project: Interaction’s achievements to date, the piece also expands on the students’ plans for next year.

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