SVA Untitled

November 18, 2010

SVA has a long tradition of innovative  publications, from the award-winning catalog produced by the College to the student-run Visual Opinion magazine. The newest publication to join the roster is SVA Untitled, an online newspaper from the Visual Arts Student Association (VASA).

The periodical is run by VASA’s student government president Ilyssa Cohen, a current student in the BFA Photography Department. “It’s by the students, for the students,” says Cohen. “We didn’t really have a publication like most colleges have, and we wanted to write about things from a student’s point of view.” The 10-page newspaper contains news about SVA events, reviews of campus exhibitions, interviews with faculty members and more. “We read about these things in a formal way in places like the Briefs, but this is a more casual, student-focused approach,” says Cohen, who adds that she’s open to contributions that move beyond the current contents. “We’d love to see people come in with more ideas—maybe someone wants to write a comic or do something about fashion.”

Untitled is currently published on a monthly basis and is available at, though Cohen says that if it proves to be popular amongst readers at the College, she’s not ruling out a print version in the future. And most importantly, she wants to get as many members of the student body involved as possible. “We’re looking for people to help out by taking photos, writing, any way they want to get involved. We’re happy for the newspaper to be a way for anyone who wants to be a part of it to be a part of it.” To get more information about contributing to SVA Untitled, contact Cohen at

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