NY Skyline

November 1, 2010

Skyline, the new sci-fi film written by alumnus Joshua Cordes (BFA 1997 Computer Art), is set to open in theaters on Friday, November 12, and it’s being promoted in a big way. A billboard for the movie showed up in New York’s Times Square, depicting Los Angeles bathed in an eerie blue light and under attack by menacing space ships.

Discussing his experience working on the film, Cordes told the Briefs, “The inspiration to make Skyline grew from the desire to work outside of the studio system, and was bolstered by the success of Paranormal Activity. We thought, ‘This guy went out and shot a movie in his house with a video camera, why can’t we?’ From there my writing partner Liam O’Donnell and I came up with the concept of ‘having front-row seats to the end of the world’ and crafted a story around characters trapped in this nightmare scenario.” The film is directed by Colin and Greg Strause, with whom Cordes has collaborated on the visual effects for such blockbusters as Avatar, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Iron Man 2.

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