Jess Hale’s Sketchblog

November 4, 2010

When the October calendar rolled around to the date 10/10/10, alumnus and SVA staff member Jessica Hale (MFA 2005 Illustration as Visual Essay) took it as a sign. On that day, she posted the following to her blog: “I’ve been waiting for 10/10/10 for the past 10 years. I have a palindromic birthday related to the number ten: 01/10…I’ve decided to post at least one new drawing each day for the next 365 days.”

Since then, Hale has kept her word and has been posting a steady stream of new drawings. “I guess I felt my drawing muscles start to atrophy five years post graduation,” she said. “Other people are now going to see this—and possibly expect this from me. That’s what is inspiring me to keep posting and to keep defining what it is that I want to say. It feels like I’m at square one, which isn’t always a bad place to be.” Follow along with Hale’s year of sketches at

Images: Jessica Hale, 2010.

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