Jeff Edwards: Blogging for VCS

November 3, 2010

The BFA Visual and Critical Studies Department (VCS) provides students with a multidisciplinary mix of academic and studio courses at SVA. To help communicate the distinctive nature of the program, Department Chair Tom Huhn asked VCS faculty member Jeff Edwards (MFA 2009 Art Criticism and Writing) to start writing a regular series of posts for the department’s blog.

Over the course of nearly a year of blogging, Edwards says, “I’ve definitely hit a groove with it,” and is now keeping a pace of about two posts per week. Reflecting the the wide range of material presented in the VCS curriculum, the blog has been featuring behind-the-scenes departmental stories—like a recent look at the spring 2010 portfolio reviews—alongside reports on faculty projects,  a photo essay by student Lucia Hinojosa and more. Edwards also says that the feedback he’s been getting from outside the College is helping shape new content for the blog: “I’ve been contacted a few times by prospective students, and I take their questions and turn those into content. I talk about the curriculum and what students do in the classes—that’s what people who contact me are asking about.”

According to Edwards, the VCS blog is seeing a gradual increase in readership and response, both from within the department and beyond the SVA community. “I think it’s a great way to keep students informed about things, so they don’t get tunnel vision just about their classes and peer group,” he says, “while also helping to promote the idea of VCS outside of the College.”

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