Honor Roll: AOL Award to Angela Riechers

November 3, 2010

On the heels of a national ad campaign featuring Chuck Close’s portraits of artists and entertainers, Internet company AOL recently established a new grant program to support the creative community. The AOL Artists 25 for 25 program drew more than 9,000 applications, and among the winners is alumnus Angela Riechers (MFA 2010 Design Criticism).

Riechers received a $25,000 grant to help start her interactive multimedia project Sites of Memory and Forgetting, which she calls “part public education, part individual remembrance.”  Based on her SVA thesis, which looked at personal memorial objects in the 21st century, the project is intended to highlight important but now-forgotten historical sites in cities across the world through a Web site, downloadable mobile apps and live guided tours; interactive maps on the site would allow users to create and share their own memory tours, with images, audio and more.

Riechers is hoping to kick off the project in New York City, where a boat tour around Manhattan would visit “forgotten sites” like the spot in the New York Harbor where pirates were once hanged—and where the Statue of Liberty now stands.

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