Degree Critical Relaunches

November 16, 2010

Degree Critical, the online journal of the MFA Art Criticism and Writing Department, has been redesigned and relaunched. Faculty member and site editor Raphael Rubinstein is overseeing the Web publication, which is now posting work throughout the week. Second-year students from Rubinstein’s Writing III course are contributing reviews of gallery and museum exhibitions from around the city, focusing on both well-known names and up-and-coming artists.

“It’s useful and important for visual artists to exhibit work because you learn so much when your work is in front of the public, and it’s the same for writers” says Rubinstein. “This experience is an integral part of becoming a better writer.” In addition to producing a steady stream of material for Degree Critical, Rubinstein puts the students through the same process they’ll face when writing for a professional publication, including multiple edits and revisions of each piece. The result is a set of honed criticism on a platform that’s open to a wide audience. To see the latest posts and browse the site’s archives, visit and click Degree Critical.

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