Creative Mornings

November 2, 2010

The design blog Swissmiss hosts a free monthly event called Creative Mornings, in which people from various creative industries gather for an early breakfast and a presentation by an invited speaker (the September 2010 edition featured MFA Design Department Co-chair Steven Heller). On October 29, more than 100 people filled the Blurb pop-up shop (set up at the corner of Mercer and Broome Streets by the self-publishing company) for a Creative Morning talk by MFA Interaction Design Chair Liz Danzico.

Danzico spoke to the audience about pauses, exploring the brief rests and stops that appear in speech, writing, design, architecture and other forms. Reaching back to the earliest recordings of the human voice created by Thomas Edison (filled with pauses and stammers) and connecting to the ways Web designers use pauses and white spaces, she contrasted the cultural affinity for fluency with the need for a little break every now and then. To see photos from this and other Swissmiss events, visit Creative Morning on Flickr; videos of past events are available on Vimeo.

Image: Photo by Brian Glaser.

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