Join the Circus

October 29, 2010

Following on the award-winning success of the Carrier mini-series, MFA Social Documentary Film Department Chair Maro Chermayeff is back on PBS with the new series Circus. Premiering on Wednesday, November 3 (check local PBS listings for broadcast times), the series goes behind the scenes of the Big Apple Circus, revealing the personalities and preparation that go into putting on a show with acrobats, clowns, trained animals and more. The 150-person production is known for its tours around the world, performing under the big-top tent, but Circus is a rare look at the story behind the show.

For the six-part series, Chermayeff was joined by two faculty members who were also part of the Carrier team—line producer Joshua Bennett and editor Donna Shepherd—and Chermayeff’s primary production partner, SocDoc guest lecturer Jeff Dupre. To learn more about Circus, visit

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