27 Hour Shootout

October 18, 2010

During the first week of October, students in the MFA Social Documentary Film Department participated in the 27 Hour Shootout project. The goal was to create a 4 – 6 minute film within a very limited amount of time—27 hours, no more and no less. Mixing the students into groups of five, they were not only restricted by time but also by subject (one of 10 set elements, such as The Freudian Id, Chiaroscuro or Language) and style (docudrama, first-person/personal profile, mockumentary, horror/suspense, etc.).

According to the department’s blog, “The goal of the project was to give the first year and second year students a chance to work together and bond, and this project accomplished its goal and much, much more!” Here are two of the resulting projects from the shootout:

To see more videos and get more info about the 27 Hour Shootout, visit the SocDoc blog.

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