Honor Roll: MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Department in Playboy

September 28, 2010

Although best known for its photos of naked and scantily clad women, Playboy magazine also has a long history of publishing short stories by notable writers, including Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Joyce Carol Oates and John Updike. The magazine started a college fiction competition in 1986, and this year Playboy asked students in the MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Department to compete to illustrate the winning story, Meaghan Mulholland’s Woman, Fire & The Sea.

The winning image by recent graduate Clay Rodery (MFA 2010 Illustration as Visual Essay) is featured on a two-page spread in the October 2010 issue, and images by current MFA students Philip Cheaney, Pat Kinsella, Jungyeon Roh (BFA 2009 Illustration), and 2010 graduates Jonathan Bartlett, Kelley Hensing and Andrew Roberts also accompany the story.

Image: page 64 – 65 of the October 2010 issue of Playboy; illustration by Clay Rodery.

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