Advertising Week Comes to SVA

September 24, 2010

SVA has partnered with Advertising Week to present two programs for New York City high school students at the SVA Theatre, 333 West 23rd Street. On Monday, September 27, 9 – 11am, the College hosts Operation Inspire 4.0, a program  that includes Wilde Thinking: A Creative Process, led by BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department Chair Richard Wilde (Wilde will also be presenting the opening keynote address at this year’s UCDA Design Conference, on Saturday, October 2); and a talk by VCU Brandcenter’s Rick Boyko, geared to inspire students to pursue a career in the advertising industry.

On Wednesday, September 29, SVA hosts the Advertising Futures Competition student presentations. This competition unites student teams from 20 NYC high schools with the nation’s top advertising agencies to create an ad campaign—this year, to fight online exploitation of young girls. The winning team will be announced at the afternoon’s program. As part of the competition, the College is offering one $50,000 Silas H. Rhodes Merit Scholarship to a participating student who meets the requirements to attend SVA.

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