Word for Number

August 17, 2010

In the Greek language, arithmos is the word for “number”; for recent graduate Jonathan Beer (BFA 2010 Illustration), “Arithmos 6” is the title of a one-night-only exhibition he’s organized that features work in a variety of media by six SVA alumni.

On Thursday, August 19, 6 – 11pm, “Arithmos 6” will be on view at Theater Lab’s Studio C, 137 West 14th Street, featuring work by Beer, Ben Adcroft (BFA 2010 Fine Arts), Kyle Fetzer (BFA 2010 Graphic Design), Billy Norrby (BFA 2010 Illustration), JoAnne Ruggeri (BFA 1981 Illustration) and Rukiye Sahin (BFA 2010 Graphic Design).

Image: Jonathan Beer, Pontifex II, 2010.

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