Good Intentions

August 9, 2010

As part of the Division of Continuing Education’s Summer Residency Program, the College is presenting an exhibition entitled “Abstract Intentions,” at the Westside Gallery, 133/141 West 21st Street, through Saturday, August 21. Curated by faculty member David Gibson and the program’s coordinator, Keren Moscovitch, the show checks in with past participants in the summer-long program, with work ranging from painting and photography to sculpture installations and performance pieces.

“Abstraction is a verb, an activity, an action,” says Moscovitch about the exhibition’s title. “These artists all use their materials in new and unexpected ways and create tools out of substance.” Featured works include a collaborative acrylic-on-wood work by Christie Blizzard and Steven Page that is the result of a long-distance correspondence between the two artists that began in 2007; Stephanie Halmos’ photographic series Color Studies, in which the artist, inspired by the minimalist painters of the 1960s and 1970s, explores the basic elements of traditional photography: time and light; Cate Holt’s oil-and-charcoal painting Snogged, composed of layers of paint meant to give the viewer a sense of flesh and the body; Madison Omahne and Miryana Todorova’s video Cake Delivery, which chronicles a 2009 performance by the artists that engages the constant movement of New York City’s streets; and Cay Yoon’s archival inkjet print Maladaptive, which examines identity in contemporary culture.

Images: (top) Christine Blizzard and Steven Page, Untitled, 2007-08; (bottom) Madison Omahne and Miryana Todorova, Cake Delivery, 2009.

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