Nervous Tension

July 29, 2010

On any given day, New Yorkers are likely to feel a little on edge: from the pressures of work and economic anxiety to the unfiltered rush of people and information that make it hard for the mind to take a break, there is no shortage of factors that can lead to uneasy feelings.

The consistent undercurrents of disquiet in contemporary society are the starting point for a new exhibition curated by alumnus Jee-Young Maeng (MFA 2007 Art Criticism and Writing) and featuring work from current MFA Fine Arts Department student Jong Hyun Oh. “Subtle Anxiety: This Is How You Feel Now” is on view at the Doosan Gallery, 533 West 25th Street, and according to Maeng, features works by three artists who “capture the invisible anxiety in our current culture and transform it into visual language through a variety of media, including painting, photography, video and site-specific installation.” “Subtle Anxiety” is on view at the gallery through Saturday, August 14.

Image: Installation view of “Subtle Anxiety: This Is How You Feel Now,” courtesy of Doosan Gallery, 2010.

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