The Big Wide Web

June 4, 2010

MFA Interaction Design Department chair Liz Danzico was a guest on The Big Web Show, an online TV show that features leaders in Web culture. The show is co-hosted by Dan Benjamin and MFA Interaction Design Department faculty member Jeffrey Zeldman. In this episode, titled “Web Education,” they discuss Web and interaction design education, user experience design and the founding of the interaction design program at SVA. Watch the episode here.

Next up for Danzico is a pair of Web-focused events in Wellington, New Zealand. On Thursday, June 17, she and faculty member Jason Santa Maria will be lecturing as part of Webstock Mini, a series of events focused on improving Web site design and function. Then, starting June 19 and wrapping up the following day, Danzico, Santa Maria and fellow faculty members Jennifer Bove and Karen McGrane will be part of Team USA for FullCodePress, an international competition in which teams build complete Web sites for charity in 24 hours.  Follow the action on the FullCodePress site.

Image: Dan Benjamin, Liz Danzico and Jeffrey Zeldman on The Big Web Show. Copyright © 2010 5by5 Studios.

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