June 15, 2010

50 Letters is the culmination of a project that MFA Photography, Video and Related Media Department faculty member Grahame Weinbren has been working on for more than a decade. Assembling a collection of 50 one-minute films, each connected with a letter of the alphabet (several letters are represented by multiple films), the subjects covered in 50 Letters move from the personal to the political to the humorous to the ludicrous and back again.

The screening method for the project is no less intriguing than the subject matter. At festivals and special events, Weinbren has the audience choose the order in which sections will be screened, creating an interactive experience that is never exactly the same twice. As part of a series special events surrounding the Edinburgh International Film Festival in Scotland, Weinbren is showing 50 Letters at Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, on Friday, June 18, 8.45pm. To view the 50 Letters videos online, visit Weinbren’s Vimeo gallery and use the password “fifty.”

Videos: Grahame Weinbren, (top) A1 (Linard); (bottom) P “Do You Remember…?”; from 50 Letters, 1998 – 2009.

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