What’s in Store: App Edition

May 27, 2010

Three SVA alumni present new apps via the Apple iTunes App Store:

  • Faces iMake is based on alumnus Hanoch Piven’s (BFA 1992 Graphic Design) popular artworks and workshops in which ordinary objects are used to create whimsical faces. The interactive app for all ages features finger-tapping tools that provide virtual buttons, yarn, food and other items that can be shaped into funny faces. (Version 1.2 available for $0.99)
  • Anatomy for Artists: Proportions is a new educational app created by alumnus Michael Straub (BFA 2005 Animation). The app includes reference images (modeled after those in Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks) useful for any artist drawing the human figure, and shows proper proportions for both full-body drawings and studies of individual body parts. (Version 1.0 available for $0.99)
  • Ace Omicron brings a new twist on the old arcade favorite Asteroids to the iPhone and iPad. Alumnus Casey Gatti (BFA 1999 Animation) puts the player in the middle of deep space with robots, spaceships and hurling rocks thwarting the 3D journey home. (Version 1.1 available for $1.99)
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