Under Surveillance

May 11, 2010

From May 12 – 16, the New York Photo Festival (NYPF), a showcase for contemporary photography, will take place in DUMBO, Brooklyn. This year’s roster includes current MFA Photography, Video and Related Media Department student James Pomerantz, whose work is included in the exhibition “Bodies in Question,” curated by Fred Ritchin. The exhibition at St. Ann’s Warehouse, 38 Water Street, Brooklyn, considers the recontextualization of human bodies as technology creates more virtual experiences and unseen surveillance. Exploring the theme of observation and virtual interactions, Pomerantz’s series of landscapes are composite images comprised of multiple screen grabs from an anonymous Web camera that he accesses and manipulates over the Internet. Pomerantz explains, “The Webcam releases me from the accountability and responsibility to witness that comes with being a photojournalist. My knowledge of the objects I’m documenting is no greater than anybody else’s.”

Natan Dvir
, a fellow student in the MFA Photography, Video and Related Media Department, will also be exhibiting his work as part of the NYPF. His series Shelter, which documents African refugees in Israel, will be part of the satellite exhibition “Anthropographia 2010: Human Rights & Photography.” The exhibition is a showcase for photojournalism that promotes human rights and will be at Brooklyn’s Tobacco Factory, 26 New Dock Street.

Image: James Pomerantz, Untitled Webcam #1, View # 1, 2009.

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