Mama Mia

April 26, 2010

Alumnus Jayne Freeman (BFA 1985 Photography) is a photographer who is more likely to be the camera’s subject than its operator these days. The Jersey City, NJ, resident took her passion for motherhood and made it visual: Freeman is the host of Mamarama, a popular series of public-access TV episodes and online videos. In a recent profile for The Jersey City Independent, writer Susan M. Lee describes the show as, “informative, personal and advocacy-driven,” with Freeman taking on standard topics like, “treating poison ivy and lice, bonding with a newborn and lying to kids about the tooth fairy’s and Santa Claus’ existence,” to more esoteric fare like proper etiquette for talking to pregnant women and the business interests lurking behind hospital births.

After seven years on the air, Freeman has more than 50 streaming videos posted to her mamaramatv channel on YouTube, including recent episodes that show Freeman discussing ways to avoid a c-section birth and demonstrating how to use a hula hoop for a quick and fun home workout. “I am by no means an authority,” Freeman says in her mamaramatv profile, “but I see myself more as a conduit for channeling all the tips and info I have been collecting throughout the eight years I have been a parent.”

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