In the Press: David Ross on CBS Sunday Morning

April 28, 2010
  • BFA Fine Arts Department faculty member David Ross appeared on the TV show CBS Sunday Morning. Ross was interviewed in a feature on how the economic downturn has affected the art world. Katie Hopkins, a current student in the BFA Fine Arts Department, was also shown in the segment using digital equipment to construct a metal sculpture.
  • A new Division of Continuing Education course at SVA was recently featured on Entitled Get on Reality TV, the class teaches students the ins and outs of creating a reality show “character,” from casting to conflicts.
  • Humanities and Sciences faculty member Regina Weinreich was mentioned in a Herald Tribune article after she spoke at the Sarasota Film Festival at a screening of a documentary about author William S. Burroughs. Weinreich hosted a program of screenings, lectures and poetry readings about the author at SVA back in October.
  • Alumnus and comics artist Phil Jimenez (1991 Cartooning) was included in a New York Times article about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender comics, creators and readers. In a discussion of creating minority characters, Jimenez told the Times, “This is always the unfair truth of any new character created to represent a minority: it’s nearly impossible for them to thrive as characters because they have to ‘represent’ a population whose members do not all behave the same way, see themselves in the same way, dress in the same way, share the same political beliefs.”

Image: Photo of David Ross, courtesy of the Whitney Museum of American Art.

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