Urban Monsters

January 14, 2010

During SVA’s recent winter recess, New York City was under attack by monsters—courtesy of a guerrilla marketing campaign orchestrated by Division of Continuing Education faculty member Jessica Perilla’s JPD Studio. The Find a Monster project ran from December 28, 2009, through January 1, 2010, and entailed hiding 10 four-inch-tall handmade monster figurines throughout the city. Those who found the monsters were rewarded with $25 gift certificates from lingerie retailer Bare Necessities.

Each monster was given its own individual name, look and biography. JPD artist Krista Chambers spoke with the blog Geek Crafts about the project and said that the Bare Necessities campaign is just the first Find a Monster campaign, inviting people to visit the findamonster.com site and follow @findamonster on Twitter to receive clues about more opportunities to hunt down these creative creatures.

Image: Find a Monster: Blue Light Betty, courtesy of JPD Studio.

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