Picture Show

January 28, 2010

The first exhibition on view at the Visual Arts Gallery this semester is the MFA Fine Arts Department thesis exhibition “Multiplex,” which runs through Saturday, January 30, at 601 West 26 Street, 15th floor. Curator Elizabeth M. Grady took advantage of the four-room layout of the gallery by creating four discrete exhibitions within the space, meant to evoke a multiplex movie theater. Grady divided the work among the rooms according to the following themes: De-construction and Reconstruction; Abstracted Nature; Consumer Culture and the Patterns of Everyday Life; and The Grotesque. “The metaphor of the multiplex serves to invite the audience to celebrate diversity rather than to seek a single unifying thread,” says Grady.

The first of two thesis exhibitions in the department, “Multiplex” includes work by Bryan Balla, Cathleen Cueto II, Sean Dunstan-Halliday, Bibi Flores, Colleen Ford, Seong-eun Hong, Hye Soon Hwang, Naoko Ito, Eric Lundquist, Wade Schaming, Kevin StahlMatthew Stone, Yonatan Ullman, Le Xi and Natalia Yovane.

Image: Naoko Ito, Ubiquitous, 2009, jars and tree

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