Never Say Never

January 22, 2010

In 2006, the venerable music retailer Tower Records closed its doors in New York City. Since then, the former Tower site at the corner of Broadway and Fourth Avenue has remained empty…until now. The not-for-profit arts organization No Longer Empty, which uses vacated properties in NYC to stage public art exhibitions, has opened “Never Can Say Goodbye” in the former record store. The multimedia show spotlights work by more than 20 artists, including two SVA alumni: Mike Egan (MFA 2007 Fine Arts) has contributed an original video piece; and Ted Riederer (MFA 2006 Fine Arts) created a massive music-themed installation called Never Records that incorporates works by more than 40 fellow artists, including Jeff Beebe (MFA 2006 Fine Arts), Jake Berthot (faculty), Steven Bindernagel (BFA 2006 Fine Arts), Brendan Carney (MFA 2008 Fine Arts), Allison Hester (MFA 2006 Fine Arts), Jason Losh (MFA 2007 Fine Arts), Marilyn Minter (faculty), Ted O’Sullivan (MFA 2006 Fine Arts), Josh Shaddock (MFA 2006 Fine Arts) and Ryan Sullivan (MFA 2007 Fine Arts).

The reopening of Tower for “Never Can Say Goodbye” has invited the attention of the local and national press, with stories appearing in the New York Post, Papermag, Time Out New York, The Wall Street Journal and many others. Riederer talked to the Journal about his large-scale installation, which he describes as a “love letter” to the quickly disappearing idea of a physical record shop. “My goal is…to have them in the store for 30 minutes until they realize it’s not a store,” he told the newspaper. For more on No Longer Empty and “Never Say Goodbye” (which runs at the former Tower Records through Saturday, February 13), visit

Image: Ted Riederer, Never Records, 2010. Courtesy of No Longer Empty.

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