Dry Your Eyes

November 9, 2009

TearsDriedSolidThe MPS Art Therapy Department is presenting a new exhibition, “Tears Dried Solid,” showcasing artwork by the Women Veterans Art Therapy Group. In commemoration of Veterans Day, the exhibition will be on view Wednesday, November 11, 10am – 8pm, at Lyons Wier Gallery, 175 Seventh Avenue, with a reception to be held 5:30 – 7:30pm.

Since January 2008, the art therapy program has been running the Women Veterans Art Therapy Group, with 10 female participants who have served in the United States Army and United States Air Force in deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as Desert Storm. Each week, the women work freely with linoleum block prints, mixed-media collage, painting and drawing in a safe space, allowing them to process issues related to post-traumatic stress disorder and to externalize memories and emotions that are difficult to put into words. Participating in the group helps the veterans to re-establish social connections, as one participant describes feeling, “a mixture of emotions when I first returned home. The group gave me the courage to express these feelings. I am not alone.”

The exhibition space for “Tears Dried Solid” was donated by Lyons Wier Gallery, and the show was curated by Val Sereno, art therapist and special projects and programs coordinator for the MPS Art Therapy Department.

Image: From “Tears Dried Solid.”

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