Tunnel Visions

October 6, 2009

SandhogDeep beneath the streets of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, a group of men work to dig a 60-mile-long water tunnel, a four-decade infrastructure construction project. These workers have earned the nickname “Sandhogs,” and are the subject of The Sandhog Project, a series of images created by alumnus Gina LeVay (MFA 2004 Photography, Video and Related Media). LeVay was given access to this largely unseen subterranean world in 2003, and after exhibiting the photos of the urban miners as 8-foot-high prints, she’s now compiled her photographs into the 120-page book Sandhogs (powerhouse Books, 2009).

With 80 full-color photographs and an introduction by MFA Photography, Video and Related Media Department faculty member Bonnie Yochelson, Sandhogs delves into this challenging, constantly shifting world under the city. To learn more about The Sandhog Project, visit Levay’s Web site and watch her short video What’s A Sandhog?

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