In The Press: Mirko Ilic in Neshan

October 13, 2009
  • NESHANThe Iranian graphic design magazine Neshan recently featured the work of MFA Illustration as Visual Essay faculty member Mirko Ilic, including a poster he designed for one of SVA’s subway advertising campagins. Ilic tells the magazine, “The poster was created to look blurry from afar, but up-close it reveals lots of little objects related to art.” The poster was used in SVA’s spring 2009 subway advertising campaign and as the cover of the spring 2009 Division of Continuing Education bulletin.
  • MFA Fine Arts Department faculty member Marilyn Minter was interviewed in the current issue of the magazine Spread ArtCulture. Minter talks about her education and compares her pornography paintings of the early 1990s to her work now, such as her video Green Pink Caviar, which played in Times Square earlier this year.
  • Photographer and alumnus Noah Kalina (BFA 2003 Photography) is interviewed in the September/October issue of Picture magazine. Kalina is best known for his video everyday, comprised of daily self-portraits.
  • MFA Interaction Design Department Chair Liz Danzico interviewed Kathy Ryan, photo editor at The New York Times Magazine, for issue 73 of Eye magazine. Danzico asks Ryan about the job of photo editor and what makes a good picture. Read the full transcription on the MFA Interaction Design Department blog.

Image: Mirko Illic interview in Neshan.

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