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October 7, 2009

There’s one week left to see “The Book Show,” an annual exhibition of one-of-a-kind book projects from the MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Department. Department Chair Marshall Arisman and faculty member Carl Nicholas Titolo curated the show, which is on view through Wednesday, October 14, at the SVA Gallery, 209 East 23rd Street.


“The Book Show” features 20 handmade books created by students in the program, including Emma Augylius’ book Kylie’s Dream Recipe about a mouse that visits a girl who doesn’t have dreams; Jonathan Bartlett’s Tertium Comparison, which combines images and quotations; Wesley Benson’s Cynthia’s Robot, about a new girl in town who befriends the robot next door; Kristy Caldwell’s There’s No Picnic Without a Pickle, about a who girl gets help opening a pickle jar from magical creatures; Siyu Chen’s The Treasonous Hippocampus, an illustrated memoir of the author’s life; Christopher Darling’s 111th Street, a story about a day in the life of a deer living in New York City; Anat Even-Or’s sketchbook story about the lives of five different characters; Kelley Hensing’s book about a child coming to terms with the concepts of free will, self-awareness and the loss of innocence; Brendan Leach’s Flin Flon, Manitoba, about a young man’s preoccupation with ice hockey legend Bobby Clarke; Hye Su Lee’s Shall I Invite You to My Childhood?, a recreation of the author’s childhood diary; JP Peer’s Brazil is With You, a story of a young professional soccer player who leaves Brazil for a career in England; Laura Peyton’s story about the separation of two friends; and Clayton Rodery’s MARTIAN, about a Martian colonist who goes missing during a routine space walk. The exhibition also features the work of Matthew Barteluce, Nathan Bulmer, Jeffrey Dalessandro, Anne Emond, Thomas Knowler, Sarah Knotz and Andrew Roberts.


Image: (top) Sarah Knotz, Subway Skyline, 2009; (bottom) JP Peer, The Game Has Rhythm, 2009.

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