You Are How You Eat

September 23, 2009

MFA Interaction Design Department Chair Liz Danzico recently penned an article for design magazine Core77 entitled “Check Please: How To Learn About Your Clients From Their Table Manners.”

The humorously insightful guide for designers looking to suss out the qualities of prospective clients provides tips including how to interpret the choice of bottled or tap water (“Those confident enough to order tap water are most likely authentic and confident, not afraid to be themselves”) and the telling use of salt and pepper (“When the food arrives, does your client salt and pepper the food before he or she tastes it? If so, this is a clear sign that your client is potentially closed-minded, not open to new ideas, or set in his or her ways.”) For more of Danzico’s writing and sage advice for digital designers, visit her blog at

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