Artistic Maneuvers

September 21, 2009

HickeyThe MFA Art Criticism and Writing Department invited noted cultural critic and provocateur Dave Hickey to speak at the SVA Theatre on Thursday as part of the Art in the First Person fall lecture series. With his trademark wit and candor, Hickey spoke to a standing room only crowd from his perspective as a writer, educator and art-world observer for the past four decades. Addressing a range of issues—from supply-side economics in systems of patronage to the Darwinian market situations facing artists today—Hickey stressed the importance of rethinking currently accepted trends and practices in art.

Hickey’s observations included:

  • “There is always a stable field of artistic maneuvers that may be said to constitute standard practice at any moment and a field of historical works of art that constitute the fashionable canon.”
  • “Any work of art that is in perfect compliance with standard practice and the fashionable canon of its moment is for all intents and purposes, invisible.”

The complete lecture will be available in October on iTunesU, and you can read Aimee Walleston’s (MFA 2009 Art Criticism) interview with Hickey in The New York Times blog The Moment.

Coming up next in the Art in the First Person series is a conversation between painter David Salle and art historian Karen Lang on Tuesday, September 29, 7pm, at the SVA Theatre; click here for more information.

Image: Dave Hickey speaking at SVA; photo by Keri Murawski.

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