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August 14, 2009

After serving as an art director for The New York Times Magazine, Arem Duplessis (faculty, BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department) was recently promoted to the post of design director for the newspaper’s full slate of magazines, which includes Key, T and the Sunday Magazine. Duplessis spoke to the Briefs from his office at the Times about his new position.

What does your new job entail?
I oversee the entire division. I’m responsible for 12 people: art directors and designers, plus a rotating group of freelancers. I manage the digital initiatives for the magazines, helping to oversee the look of the T Web site and what we do on the Sunday Magazine Web site.

Do you now read the Magazine differently?
Not really. I’ve always approached it not just reading it as a designer, but also looking at it from a journalistic point of view and making sure our mission is accomplished, both in its aesthetic and how it communicates to the reader.

What is your favorite thing about preparing each week’s Magazine?
Watching it come together after a few weeks of preparation and meetings. That entails editing all the photography and illustration, either designing a story myself or giving it to one of our designers, and watching all of those different facets come together into a magazine.

How do you know when the issue is done?
We put it up on the planning wall—once I look at it with my editor, there comes a point where the magazine is really holding together and we know when we have something. I also know it’s done when it’s Friday.

Image: Cover of The New York Time Magazine, June 14, 2009.

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