Arts Abroad: Painting in Barcelona, part 3

August 4, 2009

One in a series of occasional dispatches from SVA’s Summer Arts Abroad programs. This dispatch was sent by painter and Summer Arts Abroad student Jonathan Beer.

Hola from Barcelona! As the final week comes to a close, I seek to absorb as much as I can before returning home. The people, the heat, the colors, the smells and sounds of Barcelona—I want them all, and I want to express my newfound love for this city within my work.

The program has been an incredible experience—between the intellectual and creative energy and guidance given by our instructors and the fantastic time I’ve had with the other artists. The past three weeks have refreshed my vision, given my ideas more strength, and best of all taught me a lot of new lessons that will stay with me. If given the chance to do another program, I would jump at the chance. It is difficult to call this experience anything but life changing; Spain will leave a permanent mark on me and my work.

Images: Jonathan Beer, 2009.

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