Windy City

July 16, 2009

This summer, the Long Island Children’s Museum installed a new, large-scale sculpture outside of its entrance. Wind Dancing was created by Meryl Taradash, a member of the faculty in the BFA Fine Arts Department and SVA’s summer residency in public art, and stands 23 feet high with a rotation span of 16 ½ feet. As its name implies, the kinetic sculpture has shapes that are suggestive of birds, planes and kites, all of which are set in motion by the wind. The museum is currently landscaping the area around Wind Dancing, and is planning a 2010 exhibition detailing the creation of the piece.

The newly installed sculpture is a re-engineered and re-machined version of an existing work, for which Taradash created a video showing it in motion.

Image: Installation of Wind Dancing at the Long Island City Children’s Museum; photo: Dawn Weiss.

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