Summer Residency: More Minimal

July 14, 2009

One in a series of occasional dispatches from Tyler Vipond, a Toronto artist who is taking part in SVA’s Summer Residency Program in painting/mixed media.

This is the largest (36×48″) piece I’ve worked on so far during the Summer Residency Program. It was finished right before the open studio exhibition on July 1 and served as an anchor-point for the installation of the rest of my work. It was created in two days and wasn’t subject to any critiques during its formation, though I would say that it is also the result of a month’s worth of constant feedback.

My work seems to be taking on a more minimal feeling all the time. I think that has happened as a result of the residency. When I’m in my studio at home I find it easy to overcomplicate things, to get lost in the process; a setting like this forces me to step back and examine my work in terms of what is necessary and what isn’t.

Image: Tyler Vipond, “Oh no, not in public.”, 2009.

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