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July 2, 2009

One student and five alumni from the BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department were big winners at the 2009 CLIO Awards, one of the premier competitions in advertising. SVA picked up more wins than any other school in the competition, with six out of 19 student CLIO awards going to participants in faculty member Frank Anselmo’s Unconventional Advertising course.

The winners are: Anna Echiverri (BFA 2008 Advertising) and Annie Chiu (BFA 2008 Advertising), who received a gold award for a Victoria’s Secret poster and a bronze award for their Nike campaign; current student Hyojoo Kim, who won silver for a Mountain Ski Resort billboard; Kenji Akiyama (BFA 2009 Advertising), who got silver CLIOs for a Dunkin’ Donuts poster and an Energizer poster; and Julissa Ortiz (BFA 2009 Advertising) and Catherine Eccardt (BFA 2009 Advertising), winners of the silver for their NYC Ballet poster.

Eccardt and Ortiz spoke to the Briefs about their CLIO-winning project:

Tell me about the poster.
Eccardt: It’s an all-visual solution for the NYC Ballet, which is fun since Julissa and I are both copywriters. We tried to find the perfect mage and made the layout really simple.

Where did you find the image?
Eccardt: We found the perfect photo in a book about ballerinas. The photo turned my head because she’s in a certain position that looks right even when flipped four ways.

How did Frank Anselmo help with the poster’s creation?
Ortiz: He really follows up. He walks you through the concepting phase and helps you recognize which parts are the good ideas for the final product. In the end, he made sure it looked like something produced by a big company rather than students.

Does having the CLIO award impact your career?
Ortiz: It does. Every time I show the work and talk to a creative director, it really changes people’s perspective on me. They realize I have potential. I’m currently a copywriter at BBDO NY, and I think they see me in a different light now. It makes a difference.

Image: Julissa Ortiz and Catherine Eccardt, Ballerina, 2009.

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