Arts Abroad: Painting in Barcelona, Part 2

July 22, 2009

One in a series of occasional dispatches from SVA’s Summer Arts Abroad programs. This dispatch was sent by painter and Summer Arts Abroad student Jonathan Beer.

Hola from Barcelona! After another week in the studio, a connection between myself and the atmosphere of Barcelona has become stronger. Barcelona is in our eyes, our ears—we drink it in and process and pour the result onto canvas.

As I experience more of the city and its treasures I am inspired—each turn in the street and new vantage point provides an interesting backdrop for my thoughts. Visiting the exhibition of the Fauvist painter Maurice de Vlaminck at CaixaForum turned my world upside down. Also, being in an environment of almost 20 other artists who are equally inspired and generating new and exciting work is highly motivating when the inevitable frustration with your own work kicks in. All around, another amazing week!

Images: Jonathan Beer, 2009.

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